Where my interest in 3D scan come from?

Lion headBeing since childhood fan of photography without being expert into it, I find myself to a new form of photography, or should I say, a new form of rendering our environment.

I looked into the different system to 3D Scan an object, from handheld scanner that requires big wallet and spare batteries, to the line laser scanner where you are limited to small object and you can’t scan live animal/human, to finally photogrammetry with which you can scan almost anything as long as you have some time.

As always each solution has its pros and cons. Photogrammetry take time and precision in photographing the object, and then computer processing time. But the great advantage that this solution has, is that you just need a camera to start. Who has not a camera on hand today? All mobile phone are equipped with a camera. Of course if you have a point an shoot or even a DSLR you will get better results with less images, but the camera from your phone is still a good option; making this solution affordable and accessible to anyone.



Here in Hong Kong, Culture, Monuments are secondary to the new; they tend to disappear little by little.  With my rides in the New Territories and walks across Hong Kong, I discover a few places and some nice sculptures, art. I will share them here in 3D form, so you can experience it better.


You need to scan an object?

You are in need of scanning an object in order to reproduce it, keep a photographic ‘copy’ for insurance purpose, do not hesitate to contact us.